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MayNice Super September

Info: Super September is MayNice’s biggest annual sales event. Get offers on wholesale products with Low MOQ customization, Fast On-time dispatch, Drop-shipping, Shipping discount ect.

Time: From August 10 to September 30, 2021

Product: Eyelashes, Package, Tools, Other Cosmetics


Make a purchase during the #SuperSeptember to enjoy the following offers subject to terms and conditions:

  • UP to 90% off for eyelashes and packages.
  • 30% off (up to $300) shipped via Ocean Shipping.
  • 30% off (up to $30) shipped via Air Express.
  • 50% off inspection service.


In this month of renewal, let’s well-positioned to finish 2021 on solid footing and head into 2022 primed for an performance growth. Talk to a sales consultant to learn how to start selling and grow your business on MayNice Super September.

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