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2022 Best Wholesale Lash Clusters

What is lash clusters?

Lash clusters also called segmented lashes, yourself lash extension or individuals lash extensions. It’s based on a combination of traditional strips lashes and pre-made fans. Every different styles strip lashes are pre-cut in 3-5 segments. You can play with these segments to achieve the look perfect for the occasion with different styles and length.

lash cluster

What makes this different from other lashes?

Every different styles lashes are pre-cut in 5-segments. You can play with these segments to achieve the look perfect for the occasion. Apply all 5 segments for a full lash look or apply fewer segments to highlight the outer corners of eyes for a cat-eye look, or double them up for a much CAPTIVATING look!

The beauty of these lashes does not stop there! Once you wear it, it will incredibly look natural yet comfortable! These segments are being attached comfortably over your natural lashes and blend smoothly with a specially formulated 10+day hold glue.

lash cluster

What is lash clusters feature?

  • 1 pair eyelash pre-cut in segments match style you want
  • No need to cut the lash into smaller bits & sacrifice the integrity of the lash band!
  • Available mixed thickness fibers available. 3d ultilayer, natural & dense styles
  • If you’re just learning to apply false lashes, these will be WAY EASIER to apply to your lash line in segments (rather than a full lash band)!


How to apply Yourself lash extension?

Use the lash adhesive, when applying lash adhesive please wait 30–40 seconds until the adhesive is tacky.

Apply the lash in the centre of your lashes first, before using tweezers to push the lash in place from the inside corner to the outer. Press against the natural lashes for best results.

When eye makeup remover, first use clean foam to remove eyelashes for convenient use next time.

lash cluster

How to custom and wholesale lash clusters

You should choose a professional wholesale lash clusters vendor. MayNice has developed many styles of lash clusters with attractive curl and excellent quality. You can browse their products and website to get the latest lash clusters styles and quotes.

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