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Surprisingly simple freight transportation

Logistics Service

Transparent pricing and Competitive prices

Based on the global biggest digital freight platform

We will support Instantly compare quotes from well-selected suppliers and find the value that fits your desires perfectly.

Full visibility & control

Benefit from end-to-end tracking, real-time updates and flexible payment methods, breathing easily.

Stay organized

Organize documentation, interface with suppliers, and access support - all on one dashboard.

MayNice proposes you two shipping forms: Standard Shipping and Priority Shipping.

Shipping Methods

MayNice accepts Standard and Priority shipping in most countries and regions.
Some countries only support Priority Shipping

As usual, these are the basic differences between them:

  • Standard Shipping lasts longer and is less expensive, usually via ePacket/Airport Mail, etc.
  • Priority Shipping is faster and more expensive, typically via DHL/UPS/FedEx, etc.

You can decide the shipping method depending on your actual demand when ordering.

Shipping Fee Standard will vary subject to the rates of DHL / UPS / FedEx and other logistics companies.