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Custom Packaging Solutions

We Make Eyelash Packaging
Come Ture and Beautiful

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard (also known as folding carton) is an excellent cost-effective, and consumer-friendly option for packaging a variety of eyelashes. eyelashes folding carton boxes are very flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes.

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

Having a magnetic box for your high-end eyelashes already gives your brand an advantage because it exudes confidence. We will providing printed magnetic boxes made with secure magnetic closures and durable rigid box material.

Drawer Style Box

Custom slide boxes also known as a match box, slipcase box, book slipcase, and cigar style box ar a smart box style that keeps your customers opening experience in mind, simply by sliding the box tray out of its sleeve.

Special Shape Boxes

MayNice provides an array of meticulously crafted and professionally designed packaging in any shape you can imagine. Whether you want to create a rigid box design in the shape of your product or create add special processes to more commonly known shapes, we have everything you need.

Lash Book Package

The book style, which adds a touch of creativity, convenience. The book style feature offers hassle-free opening and closing of the box. The rigid grey board material of our custom book rigid style boxes makes the box very durable and stable.

Extension Boxes

We produce custom eyelash extension boxes printed with your own artwork and logo. The material can be selected.

Trays Holder

We offer all types of eyelash trays, in all sizes and shapes, and offering matching boxes for them, to make your product stand out, start with MayNice's eyelash tray.

Labels & Stickers

Packaging labels and stickers are an effective and dynamic way to display your branding on any packaging solution. Custom printed stickers and labels are known to help elevate your brand.



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