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Solutions For Retailer

MayNice provides the most flexible service solutions for retailer. where you no longer need to worry about the supply chain. Whether it's eyelashes, packaging, or other beauty products, we manufacture them all ourselves with stable quality and fabulous packaging, enabling you to easily receive positive reviews and reorder from the end customers.

Quick Customization - Let Your Brand Soar

We offer free design to put your brand logo, hues, fonts, and slogans in stylish arrangements on your products, while we regularly compile data on the latest market trends to help you capture the next growth point for your business.

Flexible Delivery - No MOQ

We focus on providing special product ordering solutions for retailer. If you have already decided on a style, let us know and we will make a order for you; if you are still testing products, we have some long-term popular styles available.

The Perfect Product

We know the core needs of retailer owners, positive reviews, which have a very high demand for quality and refinement of products, you do not need to worry about this here, just identify the right style and we will produce the perfect product for you.

One-Stop Purchase

At MayNice, you can make one-stop shopping for eyelashes, packaging, and other beauty products without dealing with multiple suppliers together, where perhaps just a small size mistake can raise costs and waste time. Determine your solution here and we will create an outstanding product in one go.

Build Brand Profile

Have you ever had such an experience? The same product in different order batches showed errors, such as different colors, wrong fonts, etc. In fact, these problems can be avoided, we will establish a service profile for each customer to ensure that each batch of your deliveries are consistent, making your brand more influential.

Quick Dispatch

If you need to replenish your inventory quickly due to quicker than expected sales, we are here to help you. Dispatchers are on duty every day to handle your urgent needs. If the shipping is quick enough, you may be able to receive the new products the following Monday once your order is placed on Friday.



A+ Customer Service for any MayNice product is only a call or email away.