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About False eyelashes

We’re here to demystify some questions surrounding the various (and plentiful) types of faux lashes on the market.

Strips Eyelashes

Is a horizontal band of faux wisps that are worn across the entirety of your upper lash line. Full strips are typically applied with lash adhesive and tweezers or lash applicators. If the strip doesn’t quite fit your eye shape, you can always trim them to fit.

Who it's for: Full lash strips are a one-step way to instantly add drama and volume to your eyes and are widely available in a variety of price points.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic options are now going fully mainstream with popular. Magnetic lashes are also becoming available in a wide variety of shapes (i.e. clusters and strips), so they can be a great option no matter what lash look you’re going for.

Who it's for: If you’re looking for a reusable and gentler alternative to traditional falsies, very over using lash glue.


The little band on a cluster makes them easier to pop on the lash line, and they don’t lift on the corners like strips can.” Another great thing about clusters is that they can be strategically applied to create a variety of looks.

Who it's for: If you’re looking for similar results from a strip, but with the customizability of smaller, more workable pieces, then clusters are definitely for you.

Lower Lashes

Lower Lashes in style are the perfect eye enhancement. Ideal for wearing with any upper falsies, this delicate design adds length and slight volume to your natural, under lashes.A gorgeous finishing touch to any makeup look, these lashes add a soft, textured appearance to your eyes, making them suitable for any occasion.

Self Adhesive Lashes

Easy (only 2 steps) to apply with no messy glue required! Combine fashion with function for a quick and convenient way to have the long, luscious lashes we all wish we were born with. An extra pair of self-adhesive strips are included.

Check fit → Apply Adhesive → Apply Lashes

Colorful Lashes

All of the above info on all things lashes finally brings us to the fantasy category, the brash peacocks of the false lash world. As the name suggests, there’s exactly nothing subtle about these babies.

Who it's for: If you’re looking to make a dramatic lash statement, or if it’s a (really) special occasion that calls for very theatrical lashes.

Material of Eyelashes

The material of eyelash directly determines the final effect of eyelashes. Learn about the details of false eyelash material.

Mink Fur

Real natural mink fur have incredible shine, is a very fine fibre, and will taper to a point which mimics the shape of a natural lash. This tapered point creates a super natural, fluttery look. Perfect for achieve volume and thickness. They provide a light, soft, fluffy, and, ultimately more natural look, closely matching natural human lashes.

Faux Mink

Faux mink lashes made with a synthetic material called PBT. This material is a plastic substance that has excellent shape memory, does not deform for a long time after processing, and has excellent heat and chemical resistance. By using the best quality MayNice-made PBT fiber, we make sure our lashes are soft, lush, and flexible.


Hair lashes are a very fine fibre which means they create an ultra look once applied. As the hair is cut to size, each strand has a blunt cut rather than tapering to a fine point. Hair lashes often have a very thin or clear lash band which creates a seamless look once applied. We love human hair lashes for natural, everyday looks!

Shape of eyelashes

There are many classifications for the shape of eyelashes, but the standard is not very uniform. Here, we classify the shape of the supplied eyelashes, which is convenient for your understanding.


The term ‘rounded lashes’ is also used for the shape of lashes. These lashes are strip lashes that are consistently round in style, consists of fibers that are round in shape throughout the lash.


The term flared refers to the shape of lashes. These flared style lashes consist of long-length fibers on the outer ends and short length fibers on the inner corner. They are most commonly used by makeup artists and also known as ‘cat eyelashes.’


The term crisscross describes the direction of fibers used in these false lashes. The fibers on them lay on the top of another in an X direction- altering one another’s direction. Crisscross eyelash makes use of a trick to make the eyes look bigger and more alive. They provide density, while at the same time giving exceptional separation at the tips.


Wispy eyelash (Kim K lashes), is afine and feathery, then applied using alternating lash lengths, This lash look is all about long, fluffy length. It's the varying strand length that make our wispy lashes stand out.


They are so soft and fluffy in texture, they look and feel real, These lashes comprise multiple short and long layers that offer more volume to the eyes.It's long in the middle and short on the sides, looking like a doll.

Length of eyelashes

The length of the lashes does not mean that each lash is the same length, it mean the length of the longest area of the lashes.

7-13mm Length

7-13mm Length: 6DM Series, AL Series, ML Series

15-18mm Length

15-18mm Length: NY Series, NX Series, Y Series, 3D Series, M Series, MD Series, F Series, JM Series, MM Series, MC Series, MN Series, 3DS Series, 5DL Series, MN Series, 3DS Series,5DL Series

20mm Length

20mm Length: DM Series

25mm Length

25mm Length: X Series, LX Series, DH Series, SJ Series, DX Series, L Series

70mm Length

70mm Length: DL Series

Curls of Eyelashes

Different degrees of eyelashes curl. Is not same from extension.


Straight, mostly false eyelashes made from hair materials.


Much closer to the true curls of the eyelashes.

3D Curls

More beautiful curls, more three-dimensional effects.

Band of Eyelashes

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Black Cotton Band

This bands are made out of cotton. Cotton bands are very light, subtle, natural and they blend in very well with the human lash line. Also cotton bands are very comfortable worn on the human lash line.

Clear Plastic Band

One of the most popular lash band inventions is the clear or ‘invisible’ lash band. These are completely clear in colour instead of being black and therefore provide a much more undetectable look once applied. A seamless blend between natural lashes and the false lashes.

Magnetic Lash Bands

One of the latest additions to the world of false eyelashes, is the innovative magnetic lashes. Designed with magnets spaced out along a fine, lightweight lash band, magnetic lashes offer an incredibly quick and effortless application.

Glitter Lash Bands

As well as the different lash band materials we offer, there are also lash bands that have been specially created to add something extra special to your look. From sparkly bands to jewelled designs.

Pre Glued Lash Bands

Pre Glued or ‘self-adhesive’ lash styles boast a lash band that already has adhesive applied to it, meaning they are quick and easy to apply and don’t require lash glue. Pre Glued lash bands are very durable and fairly thick to ensure they remain in good condition in their packaging before you apply them.



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