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As a specialist eyelash and cosmetic wholesaler, have you ever run into these problems below?

  • Offline wholesale marketplace products are too expensive that considerably diminishing your profitability.
  • Wholesaling on multiple online platforms, such as Alibaba or Wish, comes with a variety of options and risks.

For example, when you intend to shop at Alibaba or Other B2B site, the following issues may arise:

  • The vast amount of stores, counterfeits and overlapping products render the mere act of a selection a drain on your time and energy. Therefore, picking cost-effective products from 1000+ suppliers cannot be a simple and relaxing process for anyone.
  • Right when you're done with it and about to take a rest, much worse things happen! The goods you choose could be from a number of stores, indicating that you may have to talk with several suppliers concurrently.
  • The products quality control is certainly not in line from store to store. You are required to deal with the after-sales departments of various stores, etc.

Only those with experience understand what is going on.


What is MayNice(

MayNice is a Contract Cosmetics & Eyelashes & Package Manufacturer that has been active in the cosmetics industry for 20 years. Our R&D department allows us to provide effective custom solutions for the range of cosmetic products our customers require. We have the manufacturing capabilities to meet most cosmetic production requirements, including eyelash lines, packaging lines and more.

We strive to be the perfect wholesale marketplace for eyelashes wholesalers, retailers and resellers.

To date, our main business is online wholesale services including full strip lashes, eyelash extensions, magnetic eyelashes, fan eyelashes, lip gloss, eyelash tools and more.